The Super Innovative HP Sprout Personal Computer

We are ridiculously excited about this fresh technological innovation that – surprisingly – does not come from Apple. The HP Sprout is a very unconventional type of computer, one that makes no use of conventional keyboards and mouses. Instead, it features a perfect combination of touch technology and smart projections.

HP Sprout Personal Computer Lateral View

The so called “Illuminator” is a camera/projector that can easily scan 2D and 3D objects and make them accessible to various applications and programs. It also projects images on a 20-point capacitive touchmat, allowing users to directly interact with the displayed images. The main display is a front-facing 23-inch touchscreen. Powering the amazing Sprout is a 4th generation Core i7-4790S processor with 8GB of RAM, which makes it a pretty powerful PC indeed. It also flaunts 1TB of storage and NVIDIA GeForce GT Graphics. Would you swap your current computer with this new contraption?

HP Sprout Personal Computer Front View The Super Innovative HP Sprout Personal Computer

HP Sprout Personal Computer Back View

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