Sublime Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan

Wisteria is a beautiful ornamental vine that is very popular in both Eastern and Western parts of the globe. Just 4 hours away from the busy city of Tokyo is a serene and wonderful place, a tunnel that boasts 150 Wisteria flowering plants arranged in a breathtaking display of color and beauty. The Wisteria Tunnel can be found at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, and it includes 20 different species of plants flaunting sublime colors such as purple, blue, pink, violet-blue and white.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens (1)

If we managed to catch your attention and you’re thinking about visiting this breathtaking place, then you should go during the late weeks of April, as this is when the tunnel is in full bloom. Of course, you could visit outside the recommended time frame but this would result in disappointment since you wouldn’t be able to admire anything but a series of twisted branches. For a sample of what to expect during your trip, we invite you to have a look at the following pictures.

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