Sublime Holiday 2013 Campaign by Ralph Lauren

The new Ralph Lauren Holiday 2013 Campaign suggests a series of elegant and spectacular alternatives for the festive days. The clothes were showcased with the help of Russian model Valentina Zalyaeva and photographer Richard Phibbs, but the shooting location was nowhere near as pretentious as you might expect.

Ralph Lauren Holiday 2013 Campaign 1

As a matter of fact, Ralph Lauren chose to go with a very rustic scenery as a background for his new campaign, which is a highly unexpected but welcomed idea at the same time. The elegant, gorgeous clothes contrast nicely with the rural background of the countryside. The color palette revolved around festive notes or red, white and black complemented by occasional golden elements, but the most impressive aspect of the new collection is that it features a stunning mix of feminine and masculine pieces.

Therefore, if the wearer chooses to go with a more masculine approach, she can go with a military-inspired jacket or with a more elegant blazer, while the feminine options involve long, elegant dresses that would surely become the center of attention even though they lack any extravagant adornments.

Ralph Lauren Holiday 2013 Campaign 4

Ralph Lauren Holiday 2013 Campaign

Last but not least, the campaign brings forth a series of practical ensembles based on a beanie, a long coat and a knitted sweater flaunting abstract motifs. You can see it all for yourself in the following pictures.

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