Subaru BRZ Concept – STI

Subaru has made the Los Angeles Auto Show concept BRZ TSI, an aggressive coupe below. Sports car has headlights “hawk eye” carbon fiber roof, a huge spoiler, front spoiler, a rear diffuser and exhaust system with four pipes.

Subaru BRZ Concept – STI (9)

Subaru STI BRZ has also sport suspension, Brembo brakes and 18-inch alloy wheels. Subaru claims that the BRZ is a true delight in the handling, thanks to very low ground clearance.To understand how fanatical were the Subaru and Toyota in the development of this model, the engine is located 11.9 cm below than a Subaru model range and 23.9 cm closer to the center of the car compared to an Impreza. Those from Subaru talk about the mass distribution front / rear 45% / 55%. Even if basic version aspirated engine that is supposed to develop around 210-220 hp at 7000 rpm and a torque of 230 Nm at 4,000 rpm, performance will be impressive given that the RBZ has stated that A Porsche Cayman in the viewfinder, there should be mentioned that the Japanese model will be about 100 kg lighter.Subaru has not made available and other technical details of this machine, but its power comes from a naturally aspirated Boxer engine, the 2.0 liter direct injection.


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