Stunningly Beautiful Jaldapara National Park in India

We’re pretty sure you’ve already seen plenty of wildlife documentaries by now, but wouldn’t you rather admire those majestic animals in person? Well if you think that you’d enjoy seeing elephants and rhinoceros  in particular, then you should probably head to the Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal, India. As one of the largest national parks in the country, Jaldapara spreads across 83.59 square miles of space, and it was established in 1941 for a single purpose: to protect the Indian one horned rhinoceros.

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Naturally, this beautiful yet endangered animal represents the highlight of the park, but there are also numerous other attractions at Jaldapara National Park, including tigers, spotted deer, elephants, bison, wild pigs, hog deer and sambar. Those of you who enjoy bird watching should also consider paying this place a visit sometimes, since it is the home of some of the rarest and most majestic bird species. One particularly good example is the Bengal florican, but you could also spot the Finn’s weaver, peacock, lesser Pied Hornbill and crested eagle in the wild. Fresh water turtles, geckos, kraits and pythons also call this paradise on earth home, so as you can probably tell by now, this place is absolutely teeming with life.

We recommend visiting between the months of October and May, but you should also know that the atmosphere is usually quite warm and humid throughout the entire year. The best way to visit the park is by going on an elephant ride, which happens to cost just $9.6 per person. Alternatively, you can go to Madarihat and arrange for a Jeep safari.Jaldapara National Park 7

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