Stunning X-House in Barcelona, Spain

The X-House is truly an architectural masterpiece for more than just one reason. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of it is its unusual shape that is not necessarily a mark of eccentricity but the only shape that would take maximum advantage of the building site and the only one that would fully meet the customer’s requests. The residence was designed in such a manner that it would provide views of both the sea and the mountains and ensure intimacy. It was thusly set on the top of the site.

Stunning X-House in Barcelona, Spain (23)

A technique that is generally used for the construction of bridges and tunnels, called constructive exploration, was used for the building of this house in order to minimize construction costs and improve efficiency. The great structural resistance of the home was achieved by applying high-density concrete in such a fashion that it takes up less time than the usual technique would and the end result is also better.

The two-story X-House is set in Calibris, Barcelona on an impressive slope and entrance is granted on the property from the street at the top of the site. Another aim when building the house was to affect the site as little as possible, so excavation was kept to a minimum. Access in the house is made through the top floor that also houses a parking area and a suite destined to the owners. The suite includes a large studio and a main room equipped with a dresser and a bathroom. The lower level of the house can be divided into two parts: the rear and the front. In the rear part we find service areas and rooms with patios that ensure gorgeous views of the sea and the valley. The front part is made up of a spacious living area and a kitchen-dining room that boast and 26-foot long marble table.

The home’s bold and unique design manages to take maximum advantage of the beautiful landscape by providing sweeping views of the sea and the stunning valley. The project was completed in 2012 and it is the work of Barcelona-based Cadaval & Sola-Morales architects.

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