Stunning Penthouse in Vancouver by Feenstra Architecture

This beautiful penthouse was designed by local studio Feenstra Architecture,and it is situated on the floor of a residential building in Yaletown, Vancouver, Canada.The penthouse has 5,324 square foot and what can be more beautiful and gorgeous than a 60 degree views of the city,not only this but also above the ocean and mountains.With very large windows and with a large space of relaxation on the terrace ,on the interior the penthouse is furnished very simple but luxury in the same time.

Stunning Penthouse in Vancouver by Feenstra Architecture 3

The atmosphere created by fireplace and these other items is romantic and welcoming.All the rooms enjoy of a splash of color such as red,green but also pink.In those 5,324 the penthouse hosts a large living room,a beautiful and luxury bedroom with a gorgeous view above the city,a fully furnished kitchen ,a dressing room and near it a pink and extravagance bathroom .The office is situated in front of a large window so you can combine work with pleasure.But this is not all because the cherry on the top is the terrace which has a beautiful jacuzzi which combines with a view of millions.

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