Stunning Penthouse in Monaco Worth $360 Million

Monaco is truly a luxury estate heaven. One of the most stunning residences there is the La Belle Epoque penthouse, which was evaluated at $308 million 2 years ago. An even more outstanding one there is the penthouse located atop the 49-floor Tour Odeon building. This splendid home is worth a mind-boggling $360 million and is quite unique. Aside from the marvelous views of the Mediterranean Sea and of the city below, the residence also offers a large infinity pool to which a water slide is connected. The slide can be reached through the main balcony.

Stunning Penthouse in Monaco Worth $360 Million (10)

The building in which the said penthouse is located is still under construction. It measures 560 feet in height and allegedly houses 70 luxurious residences. It is needless to say that the penthouse is equipped with all sorts of luxurious amenities. It spreads over 35,520 square feet of space. Conveniences include catering services, 24/7 private chauffeur service and access to the building’s facilities such as gym, Russian and Turkish spas, swimming pools, private cinema, gym, sauna and others.

The floor to ceiling glass walls make the home look even roomier and give it a very airy feeling. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art control devices. Its central location proves to be a great advantage, given the fact that the city annually hosts events such as Jazz festivals, yacht shows and the Grand Prix. When the building is completed, it will be the second tallest in Europe’s Mediterranean Coast.

The landscaping work was done by Jean Mus, whereas the project was designed by a famed architect named Alexander Giraldi. The sale of the residence will be done through the Alberto Pinto agency.

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