Stunning Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 The Glove Shoes

Nike is preparing a new surprise for its fans in the form of an amazing edition of their Air Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove” shoes, which will come in a superb Oregon State color variant. These stunning kicks are scheduled to be released as part of a series of high-end sneaker releases for Black Friday, which means that they will definitely be quite affordable when they finally come out.

Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 1

The gorgeous mix of gray and orange found on the outer shroud and inner mesh honor Gary Payton‘s Oregon State alma mater. Apart from their outstanding appearance, these kicks also come with Nike’s “Monkey Paw” lockdown technology that is designed to secure the foot in place, thus providing utmost comfort and reliability.

Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 2

Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 The Glove Shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove” shoes will be released on November 29 at select Nike retailers. Will you get a pair?

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