Stunning Natural Beauty at the Gaya Resort in Borneo

The Gaya Island Resort is situated in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, close to Borneo, which is the world’s third largest island. The retreat can be reached after a 30 minute drive from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. It is also accessible by speedboat. In terms of accommodation, the getaway flaunts 121 villas. The location of the resort is perhaps one of its most impressive features. It is set along the coast of Malohom Bay and is surrounded by lush vegetation. The splendid turquoise waters of the South China Sea and the secluded white sand beaches add to the retreat’s appeal. The virgin tropical rainforest near the getaway is home to rare species such as the pygym elephants, orangutans and the proboscis monkey.

Stunning Natural Beauty at the Gaya Resort in Borneo (13)

The architectural design of the resort consists of a blend of modern elements and Sabahan principles. The villas are set on stand-alone hills and boast staggering panoramic views of Mount Kinabalu and of the clear waters of the sea. You will also be provided with services such as Borneo spa treatments, which will help you relax your mind and your body.

It is unlikely that you will ever get bored during your stay here. It’s up to you if you want to go scuba diving, explore the forest or go on safaris. The resort’s marine biologist oversees all of the water related activities and operations. He is also in charge of coral planting and other marine rehabilitation programs. He is at the disposal of guests in case they want to learn a thing or two about the marine life or the wildlife.

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