Stunning Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch

Mercedes Benz cars are well known for their power, luxury and stunning technology, which is why it’s not all that surprising to find out that the renowned German automaker decided to partner up with Pebble Technology for its newest car-related gadget. We’re talking about the Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch, of course, – a stunning little piece of tech that will allow future Mercedes Benz car owners to stay in touch with their cars even at a distance.

Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch 1

The watch is fully compatible with Mercedes’ already existing Digital DriveStyle app, which means that it can provide detailed information regarding road conditions, accidents or stalled vehicles, so that the driver would always be prepared for what’s coming next. Furthermore, the watch can also be used to monitor the car’s status at any given time, including fuel levels, door locks or the vehicle’s location. Last but not least, the owner also enjoys quick and easy access to media features, auto-routing and hazard reporting, which means that the Mercedes Pebble smartwatch is definitely capable of improving the overall driving experience.

Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch 3

Mercedes Pebble Smartwatch

This sleek and elegant gadget was unveiled recently during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas on January 6.

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