Stunning Brand New Apple Mac Pro Commercial

If you are an Apple fan, you surely must have heard by now that the famed electronics company is almost ready to launch its brand new Mac Pro laptop model. In order to spread the word even faster, Apple released a magnificent cinematic commercial depicting their newest product, which will surely cause widespread enthusiasm among the ranks of those passionate about technology.

Apple Mac

The ad is currently being showcased in movie theatres, and it focuses on the Mac Pro’s sleek and shiny design features, while lively rock music plays in the background honoring the product’s fantastic performance capabilities.

And while the commercial itself does not include any information regarding the Mac’s inner components, we do know that it will support dual GPU’s, ultra-fast flash storage and memory as well as state-of-the-art Xeon processors. What’s even more exciting is that Apple will release this monster this fall, so it shouldn’t be too long until you can call it your own.

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