Stunning $95 Million Penthouse at 432 Park Avenue

Dominating the NYC skyline at 432 Park Avenue, this 1,500-foot skyscraper holds a ridiculously luxurious penthouse priced worth $95 million. There are also 100+ other lavish condos spread over its 96 floors, but none of them compare to the majestic home at the top.

Stunning Penthouse Building

While the penthouse has already been sold, there are plenty of 30,000-square-foot apartments to choose from in the building. You can get them for prices that range from $17.5 million to $80 million. If 12.5-foot tall ceilings and 10 by 10-foot windows sound good to you, then you should start checking your bank account and start planning for a new outstanding NYC property buy!

The skyscraper is the tallest residential tower in the entire Western Hemisphere, representing “an extraordinary accomplishment of architecture, design, engineering and craftsmanship”. The apartments boast irreproachable finishes, featuring luxe details such as Italian marble countertops and solid oak floors. All interiors were designed by Deborah Berke.

Stunning $95 Million Penthouse at 432 Park Avenue

Penthouse Living Room 432 Park Avenue

Penthouse Terrace at 432 Park Avenue

Penthouse 432 Park Avenue Stunning View

Penthouse Kitchen 432 Park Avenue

$95 Million Penthouse at 432 Park Avenue

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