Stunning 2013 Hello Kitty Swarovski Model

The fictional character named Hello Kitty was created by a Japanese company named Sanrio, more specifically by Yuko Shimizu. If you thought that the little white Japanese bobtail cat is a relatively new product, you’d be wrong, since Hello Kitty’s first appearance on an item dates all the way back to 1974. Nowadays, Hello Kitty represents a worldwide marketing phenomenon that brings in about $5 billion a year, so it comes as no surprise that highly valuable avatars of the famed cat are being created at a regular basis.

Stunning 2013 Hello Kitty Swarovski Model

The latest of the lot is this incredible Hello Kitty Swarovski model adorned with 22,000 glistening Swarovski crystals. The crystals were applied using a very complex technique called Pointiage, and they come in three stunning color variations named Red Magma, Sunflower and Crystal Moonlight. The item is part of a very limited edition of just 88 units, and it comes with a spicy price tag of $8,550.

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