Strikingly Beautiful Butrón Castle In Biscay, Spain

The Butrón Castle is undoubtedly one of the most imposing and beautiful medieval landmarks of Spain, but even though this magnificent fort was initially built for military endeavors, it eventually ended up having a much more domestic purpose. It is believed that the original form of the castle dates all the way back to the 11th century, but its present condition is actually the result of an extensive renovation.

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The Castle of Butrón saw many battles throughout its existence and was expanded gradually as conflict escalated in its vicinity. However, after things finally settled down, the fort lost all of its strategic significance and fell into ruin. Fortunately, the landmark received new owners in 1878 and was renovated extensively by a skilled architect named Francisco de Cuba. The new version of the castle features a distinct Bavarian-inspired look that has the potential to impress at a glance. The new owner did not intend to use his new acquisition in military purposes, which is why the renovation was focused more on architectural beauty rather than practicality. Aside from the castle itself, the site also boasts magnificent gardens that are teeming with exotic greenery.

Numerous tourists choose to visit Butrón Castle thanks to its exquisite appearance and rich history. Furthermore, those who wish to catch a glimpse of medieval times can visit the place during June and enjoy the famous Medieval Festival that boasts various games and fantastic performances.

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