Striking Momentum Black Headphones by Senheiser

With a great sleek look and high quality sound, the new Senheiser Momentum Black headphones are a real stunner. These headphones are the ideal combination of style and performance. The color black was inspired from this season’s lines from luxury fashion houses. This piece was presented at the CES 2013 with a price of $350. Also displayed there, the priceless limited edition Orpheus ‘HE90’ headphones are a real celebrity in the audiophile circles.

Striking Momentum Black Headphones by Senheiser (4)

The German manufacturer provided Momentum Black with the technology necessary to get excellent detail and an overall amazing sound.

Breathable genuine leather and premium brushed stainless steel are the main materials used for these headphones. The circumaural capsules make sure that the outside noise doesn’t bother you while listening to your favorite tunes, whereas the high performance transducer system ensures clear, rich and detailed sound.

With their cable with microphone and smart remote, 3.5 mm stereo jack and nominal impedance reduced for mobile players, Momentum Black are perfect if you’re looking for excellent quality headphones.

The Orpheus ‘H90’ model from the same brand is priced at $12,900 and its design features platinum-coated, microscopically-thin electrodes and diaphragm made of special glass to get a better time response and reduce acoustical losses in the audio frequency range.

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