Steve Jobs signed Apple contract to auction at Sotheby’s

The contract establishing of the  Apple company was auctioned at an enormous price.Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded the Apple Company 35 years ago.The firm ,which now worth 35 billion dollars,was then,just a courageous attempt of young men.An auction house from USA has brought to market the Apple’s founding document.

Steve Jobs signed Apple contract to auction at Sotheby's (1)

The the Apple’s founding story said that Jobs and Ron Wayne had known wach other of long time ,and Steve tried to convince on Wozniak to join it because he was more skilled in the components area than Jobs,who relied more on design and vision.

At 12 days after Apple foundation ,Roy Wayne retired and he reiceved a compensation from Jobs worth $ 800 (596 euros).Now,Sotheby’s auction house sold the founding document from a price of 150,000 dollars (111,000 euros).The documents were purchased in the in the mid 90s from a manuscript dealer acquired it in advance from Wayne.

Even if the price is very high,for those which are passionate of technology,the document is a page of history ,likened by some of the major international treaties signed over the years.



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