Static House by TWS & Partners

The lovely residence was designed by Jakarta-based studio TWS & Partners and it is called the Static House project.It has 7,530 square foot and it is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.The architects said that the client came at they with a special vision of garden house .
The architects said that “First courtyard was put on raised ground floor, which can be act also as a transition and buffer area from public space in front and rear, semi public, living room. Second courtyard located on the second floor, which will be act as intermediate outdoor space from master bedroom and surrounding neighborhood. The above layer of courtyard should be able to be penetrated by sunlight and natural air to give life to courtyard below.

Static House by TWS & Partners (28)

The interior design of the residence combines a warm palette with some ethnical and classic piece of decorative furniture and artwork.The marble floor in the public living and dining room act as a background for white leather sofa, combine with Ligne Roset standing lamp, and modern glass stainless steel coffee table.



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