Stars and Their Favorite Bags

Most celebrities are style icons and have considerably higher incomes, so they can afford to invest in valuable accessories. In addition to jewelry or cars, celebrities women often identify with certain brands that produce handbags with timeless history. In turn, these bags are the best companion of a woman.

Stars and Their Favorite Bags (9)

The value of a VIP bags start at $ 1,000 minimum, continuing until the most expensive bag in the world – over three million dollars. Clutch is the precious diamonds which has totals 380 carats.The fact that women love handbags as much as shoes is a well proven fact. Many of the following celebrities – sisters Olsen, Paris Hilton or Kate Moss – could not resist and even launched their own collection of accessories as an excuse in order to create the perfect bag.

What are the elements for which the bags below are among the most coveted? First name brand is quite important, and material that are made ​​- when it comes to skin some defects make the material even more valuable – and let’s not forget accessories: buckles covered with gold, diamonds and many other applications.



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