Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone Collection

Which is the best way to celebrate the 30th anniversary?Well those from Tonino Lamborghini have thought to launch an accessories,more exactly a phone.It is called Spyder Supreme Diamond cell phone.

Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone Collection (6)

The phone enjoys of a limited edition,because only 300 pieces of these are made.What has this phone so especial?Well it has diamonds!Yes ,diamonds.Its case is encrusted with 7.8 carats diamonds.Also the logo Tonino Lamborghini’s Raging Bull appears on the case back in 18 carat gold.How all things have diamonds these days ,you might not be so impressed.But the stunning phone has also something unique,an anti-scratch sapphire crystal screen.For pre-ordering in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Tianjin,its price starts from $36,900.

The Spyder Diamond Collection S-650 and S-660 were also launched by Tonino Lamborghini.Those phones has in addition diamonds on the left, right, top and the middle of the phone,and also tt has black leather with alligator patterns.The price for S-660 is of $16,400.S-660 comes wrapped in diamonds and adorned with black alligator-pattern leather.

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