Spring Summer 2013 Line by Guess

The spring summer 2013 line by Guess is abundant in retro-chic pieces with a modern feel that just make you wish it were summer already. It is not difficult to notice that several famous designers have sought inspiration in past trends and adapted them to what they thought a modern day fashionista would want to sport. When it comes to Guess’ collection it becomes obvious that the designers focused more on the contemporariness of the pieces than on giving them a retro look.

Spring Summer 2013 Line by Guess (10)

The fashion house proposes numerous denim items as statement pieces for the warmer season. The items include shirts, playsuits, skinny jeans, shorts and jackets. To balance out the large number of denim pieces, the line also includes plenty of romantic feminine elements such as daring prints, cozy sweaters, lace and ruffles. The combination of denim and feminine garments resulted in stunning outfits.

When it comes to the color palette, the line features beautiful pastel tones, which add to the overall gorgeousness of the pieces. Other details that we cannot overlook are the floral motifs, the never-out-of-style animal prints, tie-dyes and ethnic prints. This spring summer line by Guess is amazing, but it makes it very difficult to wait for hot summer days to come, so you can step out of the shadow by sporting pieces from this fab collection.

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