Spring 2014 Color Trends Forecast by Pantone

The latest news from the Pantone Color Institute are meant to help us understand what are the most coveted color trends for the early months of 2014. On a glance, it would definitely look like next year’s offerings will boast a balanced combination of intense and neutral shades, unlike the previous seasons that were dominated by intense colors across the board.

Spring 2014 Color Trends (4)

This very important change was also noticed by the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, and she stated the following: “What’s interesting is we’re seeing exciting and fashionable colors as well as more neutral ones. It’s not as though everyone is willing to wear the bright colors from recent seasons head-to-toe. There needs to be equilibrium, and that is a more serious word than balance. The world still needs the stability of soft neutrals but we’re not just talking about gray, beige and taupe.”

However, blue shades tend to stand out among the others in the top tens of the 2014 season, more specifically Placid Blue for men and Dazzling Blue for women. If we were to take an even closer look at this colorful forecast, we would see that Violet Tulip sits at number 2 in the top 10 women’s Pantone colors spring 2014. Actually, the first six positions of the top are occupied by vibrant shades such as the aforementioned Dazzling Blue and Violet Tulip, followed by Radiant Orchid, Celosia Orange, Freesia and Cayenne. The last four colors are a little more flexible, and they are Pacid Blue, Paloma, Sand and Hemlock.

The Cayenne, Sand, Celosia Orange, Placid Blue, Paloma and Dazzling Blue shades are present in both charts, while the other Men’s Pantone choices involve magenta purple, comfrey and purple haze.

Since the Spring 2014 Fashion Week is right around the corner, we can definitely expect to see these colors adorning the offerings of some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world.

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