Spring 2014 Collection by Zac Zac Posen

The newest collection bearing the mark of Zac Zac Posen was showcased not too long ago in the designer’s studio, and it included a series of exquisite and unexpected clothing alternatives for spring 2014 that will definitely be applauded by fashion fans from all over the world.

Zac Zac Posen (8)

The new line was mostly centered around fabulous dresses and skirts complemented by a series of masculine accents for contrast and exclusivity. Compared to the previous offerings signed by Zac Posen, the spring 2014 collection comprises a series of more casual offerings that give off a sense of optimism and cheerfulness.

Those who are acquainted with the Zac Zac Posen brand were definitely not surprised to see the animal prints and floral motifs highlighted throughout the collection, but they might have been stunned by the unexpected pajama-inspired trend or the printed bralettes that were paired with high waist pants and suits. The moto inspired leather jackets were also part of a pleasant surprise, even though the collection’s centerpieces were definitely represented by evening wear items. The fabulous dresses came without complex textures or heavy decorations, but instead boasted flashy, vibrant colors that enabled them to become the center of attention effortlessly.

The designer’s main line will be presented at a later date, but in the meantime, you can always have a look at the following pictures for a sweet sample.

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