Splendid Diamond-Encrusted Watches by Romain Jerome

Splendid Diamond-Encrusted Watches by Romain Jerome

Splendid Diamond-Encrusted Watches by Romain Jerome

Crafted using only the highest quality materials and flaunting sublime decorations in the form of precious stones, the latest watches introduced by Romain Jerome are simply amazing in all regards.

Moon Invader 40 Models

The Moon Invader 40 Models

We start off with the Moon Invader 40 Models, which come in two distinct variants in steel and black PVD. For a plus of opulence and sophistication, their bezels were adorned with 70 hand applied black sapphires or diamonds, while their space-age design adds a sense of uniqueness and originality. The price for both variants is about $14,000.

Moon Dust Red Mood Chronograph

The Moon Dust Red Mood Chronograph

It was made using precious red gold, and it flaunts an even greater number of diamonds, 164 to be precise. Honoring the infinity of space and Earth’s natural satellite, the watch comes with a hand-sculpted lunar grey dial and a four-bladed seconds hand that resembles satellite panels. This timepiece was created using high-end materials such as carbon fiber for the bezel, red gold for the case and the aforementioned diamonds as decorations, which is why it costs $38,000.

Titanic DNA Collection

Titanic DNA Collection

It comprises some of the most exquisite Romain Jerome timepieces in existence, all decorated with 286 precious stones. Because their design incorporates the ruggedness of the naval industry as well as the delicacy of diamonds, these watches are clearly reminiscent of the Steampunk aesthetic. Depending on the model, the Titanic DNA watches come with price tags ranging between $30,000 and $50,000.

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