Spectacular Table Mountain In Cape Town, South Africa

Visiting a wonderful city such as Cape Town is always a good idea, especially since this huge city boasts with some of the world’s most extraordinary natural landmarks and attractions. Such a landmark is the majestic Table Mountain, which got its name due to its flat top.

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As part of the Table Mountain National Park, this magnificent mountain impresses with 2-mile wide plateau that provides picture-perfect panoramas of the city. However, apart from these stunning views, this mountain is also known for its varied ecosystem that comprises a generous amount of flora and fauna species. Since plenty of the plant species that can be found here are endangered or even critically endangered, many parts of Table Mountain are included within several Cape Floral Region protected zones. These protected zones form a World Heritage Site, which comes as no surprise since the mountain houses about 2,200 species of plants in total.

Moving on to the fauna, we encounter a widespread population of rock hyrax, but tortoises, snakes, mongooses and porcupines also call Table Mountain their home. Even though the cliffs and forests used to be inhabited by lions and leopards at a certain point, both animals are now completely absent in the area.

If hiking is one of your favorite ways to spend the time, then you’ll be glad to know that this is one of the most popular activities at Table Mountain. There’s also cave exploring, rock climbing and mountain biking available for those who wish to add a bit of variety to their visit, while those who want to view the sights without much effort can always use the mountain’s cable car. The Table Mountain Cableway rises up to an altitude of 990 feet all the way to the top of the mountain. Upgraded in 1997, the cable car service now uses large cars that are able to carry as many as 65 passengers. Once on top, visitors have access to various curio shops, viewpoints and walking trails.

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