Spectacular Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Eden Project is a major tourist attraction and one of the most important centers for environmental education in the United Kingdom. The project was established and built into a reclaimed Kaolinite pit that can be found just 3 miles away from the town of St Austell in Cornwall.

Eden Project

The complex is comprised of two major domes that emulate the living conditions that are necessary in order to support thousands of plant species. The mastermind behind this exquisite project is a man named Tim Smit, while the designing procedures were carried out by Nicholas Grimshaw and an engineering firm called Anthony Hunt and Associates. The Eden Project consists of two major covered biomes as well as an Outdoor Biome. The first covered biome mimics a tropical environment and spans across 3.9 acres. Numerous plants are housed here, including fruiting banana trees, coffee trees, bamboo trees and even rubber trees. The Mediterranean Biome covers an area of 1.6 acres and includes more familiar plant species such as olive trees, grape vines and other arid plants. It also features a series of exceptional sculptures. The Outdoor Biome features sunflowers, hops, lavender and different species of tea.

Since September 2005, the Eden Project received a new addition called The Core, which was built mainly for educational purposes since it boasts a classroom and several exhibition spaces. The Core also houses several yearly exhibitions, while a permanent installation called Seed impresses visitors with its egg-like shape.

From an environmental point of view, it stands to reason that a project such as this would boast a certain degree of self-sustainability, which is why it is powered in part using Green Tariff Electricity and geothermal electricity, but it also features rain water-purifying technologies that supply certain domestic facilities. If you find yourself in Cornwall in the foreseeable future, then you should definitely take the time to visit this extraordinary landmark.

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