Spectacular Dunnottar Castle in Scotland

This outstanding medieval fortress is named Dunnottar Castle, and it can be found in Scotland, just 1.9 miles away from Stonehaven. This incredible landmark consists of a series of ruined structures, most dating all the way back to the 15 and 16th centuries. These ruins are spread across 3.5 acres, and they are surrounded by menacing cliffs that promise breathtaking views of the North Sea. The historical heritage of the castle is a rich and tumultuous one, since it has been a key part in numerous battles and rebellions across the centuries, especially during the 18th century.

Dunnottar Castle (6)

Due to its old age and important historical significance, this place is often shrouded in mystery and is believed to be the source of numerous legends and myths. One good example is the legend of William Wallace, who tells the story of William and how he set fire to a 12th century stone chapel found within the castle while some English soldiers were taking refuge inside. Another great legend is tied to the Pictish times, since the Picts were often believed to practice Druidism. The legend speaks of a certain “green lady”, who is reportedly seen in the castle’s brewery. The ghost is said to be looking for her long lost children who are actually Picts that converted to Christianity somewhere around the 5th century AD.

Nowadays, the castle is visited by a generous amount of tourists each year, all enticed by its unique design features and mysterious allure. A complete tour of the castle takes about 2 hours, during which visitors are able to explore multiple buildings and their rooms while learning about the history of this magnificent place. Furthermore, some rooms are so dark that guests might be required to carry a torch during their visit, which helps create a genuine medieval atmosphere.

The Dunnottar Castle received multiple awards over the years, including the Trip Advisor Award in May 2013 for its amazingly high ratings and great reviews. That being said, we hope you will consider visiting this spectacular landmark during your next trip to Scotland.

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