Spectacular Dresses at Met Gala 2012

The famous New York- ball, hosted by Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is the event in which stars that respects itself not like to miss.The outfits worn on the red carpet have a similar impact with the Oscars, so choosing dresses and accessories is a complex and difficult.At Met Gala 2012 gathered only stars and spectacular creations of top designers.Stars have shone at the MET Costume Institute Gala 2012, many of the stars present on the red carpet choose silver or gold dresses, metallic pieces are in vogue this season.

Spectacular Dresses at Met Gala 2012 (23)

Gold dresses have shown fabulous : Carey Mulligan in a creative Prada, Jessica Alba in a Michael Kors dress and Cameron Diaz in a signature Stella McCartney dress.Gwyneth Paltrow was among the few celebrities who chose to wear short dresses in such an event. The star looks incredibly sexy and let see very much skin.

The return of Beyonce in the spotlight, just months after giving birth, not done in the most favorable circumstances.The singer was destroyed by fashion critics for her choice of clothing.Givenchy dress that highlights her forms, was considered the ugliest piece of clothing of the evening.

Rihanna wanted to impress and wearing a “crocodile skin”. The singer made ​​headlines on the red carpet in this dress by Tom Ford, who imitate crocodile skin.Colorful dresses worn this season, but Twilight actress failed to impress at all. Kristen Stewart wearing this Balenciaga dress that came up but not too good.

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