Spectacular Angels Landing in Southern Utah, USA

If you enjoy spending your time outdoors traveling and hiking, then you would definitely appreciate the fabulous views than can be admired from the top of Angels Landing in southern Utah, USA. Previously known as the Temple of Aeolus, this 1,488-foot tall rock formation can be found in Zion National Park, and it features a 2.4-mile long trail that leads towards the rock’s summit.

Angels Landing in Southern Utah, USA

This path begins on the Grotto drop off point that can be reached using the park’s shuttle system, and it stretches on along the Virgin River for a while before going upwards. Once the terrain becomes steeper, the trail becomes paved so it is quite easy to traverse even by less experienced trekkers. However, the pathway does include a series of switchbacks, especially at Walter’s Wiggles, which can be found just before the panoramic Scout Lookout.

Angels Landing in Southern Utah, USA

Angels Landing in Southern Utah, USA

Once arrived at the Scout Lookout, most tourists would probably choose to turn back, save for the diehard climbers that are brave enough to push the last half-mile towards the top of Angels Landing. Consequently, support chains have been placed along this final stretch to help with grip, but the National Park Service advises tourists against climbing to the top in humid conditions, since a single slip can often prove fatal.

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