Special Edition Football Boots By Puma and Alexander McQueen

Since the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is rapidly approaching, it’s not at all surprising to see respected brands such as Puma striving to release high-end, exclusive football boots in order to honor this special and prestigious event. More specifically, we’re talking about a special edition of the Puma King football cleats, which were created in collaboration with Alexander McQueen.

Boots By Puma and Alexander McQueen 1

Made entirely by hand in Italy, the Puma King by Alexander McQueen will be part of a limited edition of just 100 pairs, but each pair will actually be gifted to certain individuals instead of being put up for sale. The cleats flaunt Puma’s classic and instantly recognizable design – Puma King, which made its first appearance in 1968.

Flaunting 2 distinct variants, the Puma King By Alexander McQueen football boots come in fish skin or Italian leather in sublime chestnut brown. The fish skin version will be manufactured in just 30 pairs, each boasting exquisite gold hand finishes that are meant to cause a striking resemblance to the famous Golden Boot award.

Boots By Puma and Alexander McQueen 2

Boots By Puma and Alexander McQueen 3

Boots By Puma and Alexander McQueen 4

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