Soraya 46, Ultramodern Luxury Ship

Called Soraya 46,it is designed by Uniellé  firm and it benefits from the latest technological innovations.The transoceanic yacht has 46.70 meters and it is able to conduct international cruises.The company said on its website that it is ready for sale.It can accommodate 10 passengers in 5 cabins and 9 crew members. Bobic Yacht Interior and Ales Bratina, a company recognized worldwide designed the interiors.It is unique and it’s the only yacht in the world which has an interior so carefully studied and performed with such attention to detail. Furniture is precisely laser cut and hand assembled to perfection, which is dressed in the most sophisticated, durable and stylish materials market.

Soraya 46, Ultramodern Luxury Ship (3)


Soraya 46 has a cruising speed of 12 knots and can reach a top speed of 16 knots, impressive torque of 4500 Nm and fuel tank of 70,000 liters.It is equipped with Zero Speed stabilizers that keep the boat stable all the time, and with “Night Mode” which helps create a peaceful atmosphere on the ship.



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