Sony’s Nextep Computer to be Launched in 2020

One of the most incredible accomplishments regarding the 21st century is the amazingly fast-paced advancement of technology. The Sony Nextep Computer is probably going to be one of the most outstanding mobile computer innovations of our time, and the best part is that it will be designed to be worn on the wrist.

Sony's Nextep Computer to be Launched in 2020 (3)

The device will feature a flexible OLED touchscreen and it will be capable of holographic projection. Other details include a pullout keyboard panel and compatibility with an endless array of social and multimedia applications. Furthermore, the gadget will flaunt a high degree of versatility, since it would also be used as a tablet should the need arise. In tablet-mode, the Nextep Computer will feature two additional keyboard panels and three displays, providing a light, powerful and not to mention completely stylish portable workstation.

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