SoHo Audio System by McIntosh and John Varvatos

Audiophiles with deep pockets will certainly love the amazing new SoHo Audio system by McIntosh and John Varvatos. The device is currently up for auction on the Charity Buzz website for a price of more than $150,000. The McIntosh label is renowned for its devices. The MCLK12 wall clock and the Integrated Table Top system are only two of many examples that come to mind. The money that will be gathered from selling the high-end gizmo will be forwarded to Stuart’s House. Stuart’s House is an institution that helps sexually abused children and their families.

SoHo Audio System by McIntosh and John Varvatos (1)

This sound equipment is geared up with XRT1K loudspeakers, 1,200-Watt MC 1.2 kW amplifier set, MPC 1500 power conditioner, MEN220 room correction system and C50 Stereo pre-amplifier. For the more nostalgic audiophiles, the set also includes the MT5 Precision Turntable that is ideal for the ones who are still in love with the sound of vinyl records.

The winner of the on-line auction will also receive a tour of the company’s factory in Binghampton and the opportunity to meet Charlie Randall, the president of the McIntosh, and John Varvatos who will describe how the SoHo Audio system was created.

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