Smart ForTwo Disco Ball

How would be to have a disco-ball on wheels in the garage?Smart Fortwo propose for fans of disco and of course the smart,the smart fortwo electric disco-ball . Disco Ball was presented at the National Gallery in Berlin and, as we said, the entire exterior of the roof to roof and from windows on wheels, was covered with small pieces of mirror that creates a disco ball look.Smart Fortwo electric disco-ball is an interesting concept proposed by the people at Daimler, the car is the creation of electronic music group Apparatjik.

Smart ForTwo Disco Ball (3)

The band consists of bassist Apparatjik from Coldplay, Guy Berryman, guitarist from A-ha Magne Furuholmen, singer and producer Jonas Bjerre Martin Terefe.The show car is completely covered in reflective glass tiles from the roof to the tires. It is used in the film titled Pixel City, which will be shown as part of an art installation at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on March 26 and 27. The machine will be used in the movie Pixel City, and a video clip of the band Apparatjik.

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