SLK 340 Judd by Carlsson Designed for Hill Climbing

The SLK 340 Judd was yet another vehicle by Mercedes-Benz to stun the audience during this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The tuning job was done by the Carlsson label, which is no stranger to the German automaker as it has been creating vamped-up versions of their cars for more than 20 years to this day. However, this certain model is sportier than anyone could have expected.

SLK 340 Judd by Carlsson Designed for Hill Climbing (19)

The body shell of the SLK is made of carbon-fiber, thus achieving a curb weight of 1,720 pounds and an overall very light car. The generous output of no less than 610 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque is generated by its roaring 3.4-liter V8 engine. The vehicle is also equipped with a paddle-shift gearbox. Given all the amazing above-mentioned specifications, it becomes clear why Carlsson booked this supercar to race in hill climb events in the E1 category.

At the Pikes Peak race that will take place this year, Carlsson will have some strong competitors, including Suzuki and Hyundai. We are eager to see how well the SLK will perform in the race. Who knows, it might just win the trophy.

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