Skaftafeli Islanda A Beautiful Place

It is the second largest park in Iceland, Skaftafell park is almost an oasis caught between sand and glacier. The park has no roads but regular trips are guided by park guards. Central attraction of the park is Svatifoss or waterfall black because black basalt columns of the side cascade.

Skaftafeli Islanda A Beautiful Place (7)

The unrivaled beauty and great variety of natural, park delights through the show offered: canyons, suspended valleys , icebergs, ice tunnels and arches, glacial lakes and much more. Skaftafell was called National Park in 1967, including some of Iceland’s most precious natural pearls.

The Skaftafell National Park, is the most visited place in Iceland due to spectacular canyons and valleys , almost unreal clarity of glacial lakes and stunning contrast between the majestic snow-capped peaks and lush green of the vegetation. Vatnajökull Glacier, which dominates the park and Glacial Lagoon Jökulsárlón are some of the natural wonders of Iceland.Jökulsárlón lagoon formed in the early 20s of last century, and its transparent waters are invaded by icebergs floating sites, drawn from grand Vatnajökull.

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