Singapore “Sky Garage Apartments’ Most Luxurious Car Park From Height

Even though Singapore is a major economic center worldwide, like all big cities face the problem of parking.So,that’s why in Singapore there is possibility to park your car next to the living room, even if you live on the tenth floor .In busy Singapore are not too many parking spaces available and the owners of expensive exotic cars and do not endure to leave car on anywhere.

Sky Garage Apartments (2)

The real estate developer that built the complex Hamilton Scotts “Sky Garage Apartments” proposes customers a luxurious parking, exclusive and high-tech convincing the clients that they will be able to park the car than anyone in the world above.It is apartments with garages connected to houses with elevators leading hi-tech machines in their homes. The elevators are controlled biometric and climb car in a garage apartment with glass walls, located near the living room.But to afford this,you need a large pocket.Well, an apartment with a garage for two cars starts from U.S. $ 7.5 million and reach $ 24 million for a penthouse with garage for four cars.


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