Shoes Preferred by Celebrities

Shoes are defining accessory of outfit.Stars are well aware of the importance of these details, so they carefully choose the shoes displays.This year marks in the top, Christian Louboutin occupies a leading position. Its models, either classical or non-conformist, and wreak havoc this season.Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart are just some of the Fans of Louboutin Un Bout shoes after being immortalized in photographs of personal life. Whether in black or yellow fluorescent variant, the stars seem to be inseparable from them.

Shoes Preferred by Celebrities (8)

Eva Longoria is an actress who knows her physical strengths and misses no opportunity to show their legs.She prefers Brian Atwood shoes that it collects in different colors and textures.In recent years, seems to be faithful to Maniac model, black patent leather.Jennifer Lopez prefers eccentric shoes so that she choosing metal lately models or emphasis. In her appearances extremely sexy, we noticed wearing Louboutin Pigalle shoes encrusted with crystals.

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