Shock! Demi Lovato’s Father Has Cancer!

Stars of “Sonny and her lucky star” and “Camp Rock”,Demi Lovato, passes through moments not very pleasant in those days. And this after learning that her father, Patrick Lovato would have cancer and would have testified that he would like to see.

Shock! Demi Lovato's Father Has Cancer! (1)

Sources close to Demi Lovato’s claim that it is devastated by the news, especially since she wanted some time to reconcile with his father and make him give up drinking because he self-destruct.Demi wrote a few songs in which her ​​father says that it is better to give to drink and get back on track.”Demi Lovato is devastated by the news heard,” he told a close friend of the young stars.For his part, Patrick said that “only waiting for a call from her telling me that I forgive and we will go over all together.”I never wanted anything from her, but now I just want to see me with her to tell her how much I love and spend my time with my daughters, “he said.

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