Shiny Mercedes Benz SLR Stirs Controversy

Dubai is a great place to find highly customized or gold-painted cars, such as this amazing “white gold” Mercedes seen parked outside the Mall of the Emirates.  Some say that the vehicle was indeed coated in 18 carat while gold, while others stated that this is impossible, since the delicate precious metal would have melted off the car’s body due to the heat.

Shiny Mercedes Benz SLR Stirs Controversy (2)

Therefore, the vehicle stirred up some controversy, but what we do know for sure is that it is owned by an oil billionaire from Abu Dhabi and that it is powered by an impressive 1,600 horsepower V-10 quad turbo engine that runs on bio-fuel. In any case, the true nature of the Merc’s paintjob is pretty much impossible to verify, as the Mall of the Emirates is a place that sees many unique cars each day. More likely, the mysterious vehicle features a coat of chrome, easily confused with white gold.

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