Shiels’ 200 000 $ Emerald Sunglasses

These are the most expensive sunglasses in the world.Why?Because they are a stunning piece of art made with diamonds ,18 karat gold and amazing emerald lenses.Managing director Albert Bensimon said that the unique emerald lenses took five years to source and close to three months to shape, polish and cut.

Shiels’ 200 000 $ Emerald Sunglasses (1)

These exceptional glasses have been designed by Adelaide, Australia based Shiels Jewelers. Bensimon revealed he was inspired by Roman emperor Nero. Nero was said to have watched the gladiator fights through similar green gems.The sunglasses are made from precious ,premium materials and showcasing an exquisite frame, the opulent sunglasses which Shiels’ managing director, Albert Bensimon which revealed a secret.He says that have received much attention, are currently sought by an international superstar who’d love to purchase them.

“There is one international star who would like to get his hands on them, a very well-known person, I won’t say who it is but for him, I might part with them.” he stated.

The extravagant sunglasses  is scheduled to go on display in the Shiels Carillion store window for a few days, surrounded by security guards to protect the precious glasses.The price for this unique piece is 200 000 $ (about 140 600 €).

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