Sharon Stone Sells His House

Famous actress bought the Mediterranean-style villa in 2006 amounted to $ 11 million and now wants to sell it for only $ 7.5 million. This is not the only property of Stone in Beverly Hills, she also holds the property he bought with 3.2 million in 1995.

Sharon Stone Sells His House (1)

Mansion put up for sale and never occupied the property is withdrawn from Beverly Glen, just two miles from the exciting Sunset Boulevard.Garden surrounding the villa is crossed by paved paths, has bridges and waterfalls, fruit trees – room for meditation – which in addition has a swimming pool and a tennis court with pavilion for spectators. Also, parking can easily accommodate 14 cars.

The house has a fully equipped kitchen, a library with wood paneling and shelves built into the walls and extra-spacious living room with its own bar. The main building has five bedrooms, but there are two bedrooms in the guest house next door, eight bathrooms and a bathroom. The guest house is equipped with a gym and a multi-media room with all the latest facilities and equipment.

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