Shark Diver Offers White Shark Cage Diving Packages

Sharks fascinate you? Well, if you have already seen each and every new documentary on them, then it’s probably time to take things a notch further and discover the dangerous beauties in their natural habitat. How does shark cage diving sound to you?

Shark Diver Offers White Shark Cage Diving Packages (5)

While this idea is at least a little bit intimidating, the experience is definitely worth living. So here is what we recommend: the White Shark Cage Diving  package offered by Shark Diver. It is the ultimate shark encounter, seasoned with lots of adrenalin and unforgettable memories.

The sturdy and safe cages can hold up to 16 people at a time, so if you feel you need the support of other marine life enthusiasts like you, the company encourages you to invite your friends and enjoy the dive together. The experience will take place in Guadalupe, Mexico, a place that you have certainly heard of on Shark Week and other similar TV shows.

For $3,100 you will get a six-day trip that starts only a few minutes from San Diego airport and includes absolutely everything you will need for a wonderful shark themed vacation: transfers from the airport, on board accommodation, U.S. shark and vessel crews, meals, snacks, unlimited wine and beer, soft drinks, diving permits, and wet suits. All you need to bring is enthusiasm, courage and a good mood!

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