Shakira Smells of Jasmine, Vanilla and Berries

Colombian singer who everyone crazy with her ​​sensual movements release the later romantic fragrance “S”.Shakira launched recently in Madrid the second perfume what is signed “S”. The first – “Amuleto” – seems to have good luck artist enjoying success on the market.The new version is more delicate, with floral accents, very feminine.

Shakira Smells of Jasmine, Vanilla and Berries (4)

The fragrance combines notes of jasmine, wild berries and vanilla.Shakira was very excited about her first perfume, how prepared they saw a unique flavor that is born, so she wanted to repeat the experience. She wanted to express emotions through a new perfume.She believes that the creation of a fragrance is much like composing a song.

“Some combination of agreements awaken feelings of those who listen. I just wanted to flirt with the world of fragrance and the result was this new version of ‘S’, my first fragrance, “said singer.

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