SF Headquarters Where Apple Plans to Build the Future Gadgets

American producer Apple introduced a series of future plans or headquarters in Cupertino, California (USA). The new company’s offices will accommodate 13,000 employees on four floors, surrounded by over 6,000 trees.A true fairy, say architects who saw the Apple design drawings. Huge American multinational building more like a spaceship just landed in the small town of Santa Clara, California.
Apple’s new headquarters will be a large, modern and environmentally friendly, and drawings show a circle dominated by curved surfaces. Ambitious construction is scheduled to begin next year on land recently purchased from HP, but completion could take place only in 2015, according to American journalists.Impressive is the forest that surrounds the building. More than 6,000 trees will “watch” Apple engineers. Apple representatives that 30% of the campus plan to be covered with exotic flowers.

SF Headquarters Where Apple Plans to Build the Future Gadgets (8)

Also, the four floors will be covered entirely in glass, offering openness and brightness of 13,000 corporate by bushy forest around. Interestingly, outside, huge building can be seen, given the small number of floors (bulky, but not high), especially in the middle of the green area will be located.Floors “spacecraft” will be connected by dozens of bridges. In the center of the building, Apple employees will benefit from the restaurants.

Headquarters in Cupertino project was presented by the late Steve Jobs city councilors. The intent of the named “Michelangelo of the digital era”, was to pick the best office building in the world.

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