Seven Great Lipstick Tones For Summer 2014

Constantly present in women’s purses, lipstick is undoubtedly the most popular cosmetic product in the world, but since it comes in such a varied color palette, choosing the perfect shade can become quite tricky at times. Whether you have a light complexion or a darker one, it’s always good to be in sync with the latest trends and to try out the newest lipstick options.

Great Lipstick Tones

It’s completely up to you if you’re going to choose matte or shiny variants, fuchsia shades, enticing tones of red or intense orange, but we suggest having a look at the following suggestions if you want to make an informed choice.


Orchid Lipstick

Highly popular with fashion gurus for summer 2014 orchid-colored lipstick. This is an elegant color remains popular throughout the year thanks to its versatility, and it can definitely be worn at any casual or pretentious event since it can give your lips a velvety and delicate texture. Don’t hesitate to try it out next time you feel adventurous!


Coral Lipstick

Coral shades are perfect if you want to complement a nice tan. Coral lipstick can complete a natural, casual look, but you can also obtain a great evening makeup by going for its more luminous tones. Ideally, you’ll want to go for a perfect “nude” complexion and coral lipstick in a matte or satin finish.


Red Lipstick

A famous symbol of femininity and sensuality, red is a classic color that is ideal for a romantic date or even for a girl’s night out. The one thing that you need to remember when considering this lipstick color is that red should never be worn without foundation, as it has a bad habit of emphasizing your imperfections. Use a fluid foundation, some powder and don’t forget the mascara! This way, you will obtain a clean, refined and minimalistic makeup.


Fuchsia Lipstick

This lipstick shade matches perfectly with any complexion. It is a vibrant color that sometimes resembles violet, which is why it will give you a fresh, youthful and bold look. Furthermore, fuchsia is a great choice for women who want to give pink a try without losing their femme fatale flair.


Orange Lipstick

During the warm season, orange shades are definitely trendy. This color reminds of a tropical paradise, of mangos, oranges and sweet delicacies, not to mention the fact that it gives off an air of boldness with a playful twist. A great makeup that complements orange lipstick would have to include eyeliner, a high quality mascara or fake eyelashes.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink Lipstick

Pastel pink works great as a daytime lipstick. Flirty and feminine, this color can help you obtain a natural yet eye-catching look because there will always be a slight difference between your natural lip color and the lipstick color. Aside from this natural look, pastel pink can also enhance the volume of your lips, and to make things even better, it matches most complexions.


Plum Lipstick

A versatile yet powerful tone color, plum can help you obtain a dramatic or sexy look according to preference. Plum goes well with light and dark complexions, so all you really need to worry about is the eye makeup, which should include natural, pleasant colors.


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