Setzer Yacht Architects and NISI Team up for Xpresso 1500 Yacht

Setzer Yacht Architects is said to have started a collaboration with NISI Yachts to create a stunning high-performance catamaran yacht series that will be included NISI’s Xpresso line. The vessel that resulted from the partnership boasts pod drive propulsion, a feature that will improve its maneuverability, responsiveness and speed. The plumb bow hull that it is equipped with is designed to pierce any wave that could come its way. The maximum speed that it is capable of reaching exceeds 25 knots.

Setzer Yacht Architects and NISI Team up for Xpresso 1500 Yacht (7)

Outside we find an open-plan gallery and salon which add to the general appeal of the gorgeous modern design. The open-plan areas also tend to break the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. The yacht can be used for virtually anything from exploration to charter and entertainment, thanks to its versatile layout. The vessel is dubbed Xpresso 1500 and measures 49.2 feet. It is the first of the series and is expected to be launched in 2014.


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