Set for you by Cartier

Cartier comes with a beautiful collection for you. They will help you find the right ring. This is what Cartier is offering, in true jewellery tradition, by creating rings to match everyone’s dreams.  Each and every Cartier ring is definitely an everlasting and significant existing. These beautiful and unique piece you can personally choose from five exceptional rings for the setting of a round diamond that weighs from between 0.18 to 1.99 carats.These rings meet the strictest criteria.How make this?The creative combinations are the secrets.

Set for you by Cartier (6)

Beauty, excellence, light and shape guide the experts in selecting these diamonds, whose fire, brilliance and extra-wonderful quality form a prologue to the very best: solitaires cut individually to suit a ring that is hand-picked and carefully designed each time.You can choose from the extremely refined, platinum-wire body of the Déclaration ring, the diamond-paved scrolls around the floral setting of the Ballerine ring, or the stunning simplicity of the Solitaire 1895.Do you love these unique pieces?

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