Senner Audi Q5

Boys from Senner don’t want to be obedient .On theirs hands reached Audi Q5 .For its they offered more aesthetic and performance modifications.The exterior design can be proud with its new Corniche Monza wheels which are impossible to remain unnoticed.They are painting in Diamond Black and  have a size of 22 inches.Big big wheels ,we can say,but some big wheels must wear and some tires to match .Senner has opted for Vredstein Ultrac Sessanta with sizes of  265/35R 22.

Senner Audi Q5 (25)

In behind the wheel hides the braking system which includes some parts from Brembo.The suspension system has undergone changes.Another interesting thing is that those from Senner has brought the car closer to the ground by 45 millimeters and 40 millimeters in front of the back.

The exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel pipe was filled with double exhaust with 100 mm and are integrated into the speaker added Senner.The new kit proposed by Senner includes an extension for wheel arches, rear spoiler, integrated roof spoiler, a front bumper with a changed appearance.Carbon inserts has a new combination of colors and a remote control system for remote opening roof.Now it is time to talk about performance.Well in terms of performance ,2.0-liter diesel engine power increased from 170 hp to 210 hp and 445 Nm.



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