The Seabob Cayago F7 Is A Fantastic Underwater Jet Ski

Up until now, if you wanted to enjoy some quality time under the waters of our lakes and oceans, you only had 2 viable options at your disposal except for submarine rides, of course. Either you could go for the less comfortable but safer method of snorkeling, or you could strap on your diving gear and go for diving sessions that are particularly riskier. However, thanks to the Seabob Cayago F7 underwater Jet Ski, you can now enjoy the thrill of water exploration at shallow depths without putting so much effort into your endeavor.

Seabob Cayago F7 Underwater Jetski

This fantastic Jet Ski is able to propel you to speeds of up to 9mph under the waves, while its depth is limited to a maximum of 8.5 feet for regular users. Professional divers could go as deep as 131 feet should they feel brave, but 8.5 feet for an amateur snorkeler seems quite decent. The watercraft features an electric-powered rotor that provides movement by drawing in water from the front of the Seabob before propelling it out the back. The watercraft also boasts an onboard display that provides useful information regarding depth, water temperature, speed and power usage.

Easy to maneuver, the Seabob Cayago F7 can be steered using the user’s own body weight. Would you give this thing a try if you had the opportunity?

Seabob Cayago F7 Underwater Jetski 1

Seabob Cayago F7 Underwater Jetski 3

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